Contractors Assistance Association


To strengthen contracting, education, and employment opportunities among minorities and women in construction. CAA was reorganized from the 1970 -80’s Cleveland Contractors Association as a Construction Employers Association (CEA) affiliate in 2008. There are currently over 35 CEA contractors involved in diversity & inclusion efforts. CEA hosts quarterly programs with owners to provide insights and further the opportunities for diversity and inclusion in local construction projects.

CAA is celebrating 10 Years of  Strengthening Diversity & Inclusion in the Northeast Ohio Construction Industry in 2019!   


CAA Officers

CAA Programs

  • Contracting -CAA developed and supports CEA's Mentor Protégé Program and is working to continually improve the program as well as its standards and outcomes. Efforts have included development of a Pre-qualification program in conjunction with local construction management and general contractors firms as well as Owner Best Practice Outline for small and diverse firms.

  • Education - CAA formed and played in integral role in the Construction Management Academy Program (CMAP), designed to promote diversity in the construction professional workforce by exposing underrepresented young men and women to industry before they make life-long career decisions. CMAP was then aligned with the ACE Mentor Cleveland program, working with Cleveland Metropolitan and Warrensville Ht. High Schools. CAA members also are engaged in numerous education and training programs to enhance the capacity of firms.

  • Employment - CAA supports equal opportunity in construction and seeks to increase local residency employment and diversity in the construction workforce through collaboration with the construction trades, city and county governments, and community organizations.  Current efforts include outreach for trade apprenticeships, career awareness presentations with schools/community organizations such as the Urban League-Cleveland, Northeast Ohio, El Barrio, Cuyahoga Community College, and NAWIC others.