The Project Manager Development Program (PMDP), created by AGC of America, is designed to specifically meet the needs of the construction industry. The curriculum, along with the activities and shared experiences of course participants, provides the necessary skills and knowledge to increase the participant’s ability to work successfully with others to ensure project success.

The class will discuss that a successful PM must be competent and efficiently model specific soft and technical skills. Each of these skills are defined and examples provided to highlight the skill’s purpose and its proper implementation during a project. Unit 1 will also provide a high-level overview of construction law, highlighting specific terms, and the PM’s responsibilities. Additionally, there will be an introduction and emphasis on project safety.


Jeff Loyall - Turner Construction Company


  • The five process groups in Project Management
  • Discuss the importance of time management and work/life balance
  • Project Managers’ role and responsibilities in the construction industry
  • The importance of consistent implementation of personnel management policies
  • Identify the soft skills critical to the Project Manager role
  • Summarize the value of communication and ethics
  • Discuss the importance of leadership and teamwork
  • Explain why a Project Manager must be an effective problem solver
  • Identify the technical skills critical to the Project Manager role
  • Explain why the Project Manager must proficiently use computer software
  • Identify the need for building codes and permits
  • Describe the impact of Construction Law on the Project Manager’s roles and responsibilities
  • Define the terms commonly used in Construction Law
  • Discuss the importance of project safety and risk
  • Identify State and Federal construction industry safety laws
  • Identify the four most common types of project delivery systems
  • Explain the purpose of an Estimate during project planning
  • Explain the difference between quality assurance and quality control
  • Describe the Project Manager’s role in documenting progress throughout the project


CEA Members: $175 per class or $750 for the series

Non Members: $250 per class or $1100 for the series

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Non-CEA Member Single Class: $250.00
CEA Member Series: $750.00
Non-CEA Member Series: $1,100.00
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