The Construction Industry has a Problem, and Women are Going to Solve it

Danielle Dy Buncio, Co-Founder, Ceo, Viatechnik, Building Design & Construction

Everyone in the industry needs to wake up to the fact that we are not going to solve the labor shortage if we continue alienating half of our potential workforce. Right now, women only make up 9% of the construction industry. This gap between men and women is notably more pronounced on jobsites, where only one of every 100 female construction professionals works in the field.

Numerous diversity and inclusion initiatives already exist in 2019. Leading contractors have created mentorship programs and formal women in construction clubs. These follow in the footsteps of organizations like, 2020 Women on Boards, an active conversation based around increasing the presence of women in the C-Suite and on Corporate Boards. Additionally, groups such as  NAWIC, The Federation of Women Contractors are growing in popularity."

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