Reduce Risk and Increase Productivity in Construction

By Jim Lynch is vice president and general manager of Autodesk Construction Solutions for  Constructech

A decade ago, construction was near the bottom of the list of industries that had adopted technology in a significant way. It was a bad rap for the industry, but it also effectively threw down the gauntlet. There’s been a huge shift in the industry as construction companies realize that technology needs to be a core part of their business.

The companies I talk to say they need to reduce risk and build more predictability into their projects. If they can do that, they can be more productive and achieve better margins. Adopting construction-management technology is the first step toward managing risk. When all project-related documents are captured digitally—including things like change orders, RFIs (requests for information), submittals, and issue reports—significant information is amassed and grows with each new project. 

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