Off-Site Building Is 'Ripe' For AI. But Are These The Robots You're Looking For?

Article by Dean Boerner, Bisnow San Francisco Reporter

If a lack of innovation is to blame for stagnating U.S. construction productivity over the last half-century, off-site builders — and some of their AI partners — think they may have the solution.

Around the country, prefabrication companies of different scopes and specializations are trying to boost their factory environments by using artificial intelligence.

Off-site construction firms promise both time and cost savings, with one June report by McKinsey predicting up to 50% quicker builds compared to on-site construction. Cost savings from off-site construction, on the other hand, only now appear to be materializing for builders, in part because of the use of AI. 

Prefab construction in general is poised to take off in the next decade, especially in markets plagued with shortages of labor and housing like the West Coast of the U.S. and the United Kingdom, or for highly standardized property types like affordable housing, student housing and hotels."

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