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Study Shows Cleveland Should Focus Public Funding in East Side Neighborhoods

May 25, 2017

The Cleveland Plain Dealer's Michelle Jarboe reports on the CSU research study that advises the City of Cleveland to invest public money in East Side neighborhoods.

Jackson announced that the public money will be joined with roughly $40 million in philanthropic and private funds in an effort to reinvigorate parts of the city that haven't benefited much - if at all - from Cleveland's economic recovery....initiative will focus on housing, economic development and broader quality of life issues, layering new, targeted tools on top of the existing array of programs the city already offers."

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Additional Interest Rate Increases Wanted by Federal Banks

May 23, 2017

Scott Suttell, Managing Editor of Crain's Cleveland Business examines why Federal banks are askng for an additional interest rate increase.

If economic conditions evolve as anticipated, I believe further removal of accommodation via increases in the federal-funds rate will be needed."

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Introducing Gohio Commute!

May 19, 2017

Just Announced! NOACA, health, sustainability, planning and transit professionals today unveiled a new interactive trip planner which could change the way people in Northeast Ohio commute, reduce congestion, and improve the quality of our air.

This new tool, Gohio Commute is an exciting, interactive, mobile-friendly website that provides more transportation choices, helps save money, and helps each of us do our part for cleaner air.

"You simply open Gohio Commute on your computer or phone, enter your starting point and your destination, and see all your options for that trip: drive, walk, bike, transit, or carpool," said NOACA Executive Director Grace Gallucci. "With each option, Gohio Commute gives you detailed directions, and shows you the costs and benefits, in both dollars and emissions, so you can make smarter choices."

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