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January 30th, 2020 8:30 AM   through   11:30 AM
Virtual Meeting
United States

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Phone: (216) 398-9860
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Sessions and Speakers:

Year-end Planning (tax and accounting reporting)
Presented by: John Forbes, HW&Co, Managing Principal
Learn the different levels of financial statements: audit, review, compilation with disclosure and internally generated financial statements. 
  • What is required to complete each level, and the relative cost
  • What sureties are looking for in requesting a specific level of financial statement, and how we work with them to reduce the cost of requested information
  • In general terms touch on how financial statements are managed to maximize the business’s worth and/or available line, and possibly reduce the cost of a bond
Job Costing
Presented by: Nick Blair, Foundation Software, Regional Sales Manager

This course is designed for contractors who wish to begin tracking and reporting their job costs but are uncertain where to begin.

Nick Blair takes the mystery out of job cost reporting and analysis, discussing five main areas critical to every contractor's bottom line. Topics include: a look at contract and cost; the benefits of tracking job costs; percentage of completion reporting;  job detail by general classifications; using codes or phases and tracking job cost detail. 

  • Understand the principles and concepts involved in job cost reporting.  
  • Explain the five keys areas critical to job cost success.
  • Setup and begin using a simple job costing system

 Payroll and Credit Card Fraud

Presented by: Frank Suponcic, Marcum, Partner

Just about every company and organization require employees to submit expense reports while at the same time providing others with credit cards. Both areas are ripe for fraud - especially when internal audit departments have been reduced and resources allocated to larger financial crimes. Many executives dismiss the threat of potentially being a victim in this often overlooked area. Many are violators themselves. Others are too trusting, while many others learn the hard way, they simply have deficient (and even at times no) internal controls in these areas. 

This presentation begins with a brief overview regarding the seriousness of expense report and credit card fraud. After laying the foundation for these frauds, we'll dive into the many ways employees cheat on their expense reports and in credit card transactions. Attendees will be educated on how to catch the thieving employee, what to look for, and how to use analytics. The final two portions of the presentation entail a discussion on the compilation of and resulting effectiveness of thorough travel and entertainment and credit card policies. Finally, the session concludes with a brief discussion on the increasing use (and abuse) associated with gift cards. 

Areas Covered Include: 

  • How do employees cheat on expense reports and with corporate credit cards 
  • Effective methods to examine expense reports and credit card in order to identify inappropriate charges 
  • Recommended internal controls to consider and enforce 
  • Drafting and implementing an effective travel & entertainment and credit card policy 
  • Gift card abuse and how to prevent being a victim in this area