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Being a part of this organization is one of the best business decisions we have made.

Ariane B. Kirkpatrick, AKA Construction Management Team, Inc.

Choose Between 3 Plans

We offer different levels of membership for different types of companies. Find out which membership is best for you.

1. Contractor Membership

The following may apply for Contractor Membership: 

  • Union contractors
  • Non-Signatory Construction Managers (who do not employ a trades workforce)



2. Affiliate Membership

The following types of companies who regularly work with contractors are eligible to apply for Affiliate Membership:

  • Professional service firms
  • Service providers
  • Suppliers 
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3. Associate Membership

Building owners and developers ("construction users") interested in advising and advancing the construction industry are eligible to apply for Associate Membership.

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Get Our Most Trusted Member Benefits

At CEA, we grow and promote professionalism in the construction industry to provide the highest level of quality and value in building a better Northeast Ohio.

  • Networking

    Excellent networking opportunities through CEA’s social activities and owner briefings. Members build relationships as they work together to advance the industry. 

  • Safety

    Safety training courses, inspections, posters, free membership in the Construction Safety Council and more. Safety audits, onsite OSHA inspections, formal and informal hearing assistance, and assistance during safety crisis-management situations.

    Safety Benefits

  • Labor Relations

    Opportunities to build relationships with leaders in the building trades unions. Guidance in day-to-day labor relations, support with contract negotiations, arbitrations, jurisdictional disputes and collective bargaining agreements. Access to wage rates, labor agreements, substance abuse programs, and other labor-management programs. 

  • Diversity

    Training and mentoring opportunities to help small, female- and minority-owned contractors. Our affiliate Contractors Assistance Association helps structure these offerings.

    CEA also partners with organized labor through Cleveland Builds to promote careers in construction trades and apprenticeships among diverse populations.

  • Training & Education

    Valuable contractor training and professional development programs to help our members stay at the top of the industry.

  • LobBying & Liason

    Working relationships with national, regional, state and local construction associations, chambers of commerce, architectural, engineering and building societies to improve the industry. CEA's advocacy efforts have greatly enhanced the industry's influence in Ohio.

  • Legal Services

    Discounted member pricing from some of the best law firms in Northeast Ohio who are also CEA Affiliate Members. These attorneys guide members through the maze of laws and legislation affecting the industry.

  • Marketing

    CEA advertises and promotes members to owners and developers seeking quality contractors for their construction needs. We actively seek opportunities to highlight our members’ projects and expertise.

  • Job Postings

    Need to fill a position? Click 'Post a Job' and choose whether to make your listing available to the public or to CEA members only.





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