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Name Skills Attachment Posted onsort ascending
Nora McDonald

Accountant experience in the construction industry: AIA Billing, Job Costing, Prevailing Wages, balancing financial statements, payroll using QuickBooks or Foundation Software.

Microsoft Office document icon Nora.McDonald Resume.doc Aug/7/18
Deonte King Sr

I've been working in factories for maybe 15 years since I was 20 years old I wanted to enhance in other areas so I acquire a painting certificate and which I would like to pursue and I believe CEA would provide a great opportunity for me to do so
Thank you for creating such an awesome opportunity

File Deonte King resume.docx Aug/3/18
Christopher Humphrey jr.

adept with hands on work.

File Chris cover letter.docx, File chris resume 2018 (2).docx Jul/25/18
Frank Jackson

Leadership skills, effective communication, team player, time management, adaptability

File Frank Jackson Resume (2).docx, File Frank Jackson Cover Letter II.docx Jul/24/18
Sheena Hamm

Microsoft word
time management
organizational skills
customer service

File Sheena HAMM Final Cover letter.docx, File Sheena Hamm final resume.docx Jul/24/18
Angelique Holden

Energetic Focused
Flexible Time Management
Reliable Organizational Skills

File Angelique Holden cover letter.docx, File Angelique Holden Resume.docx Jul/24/18
christina smith

hardworking,innovative and depenable

File cover letter christina smith.docx, File Christina Smith resume.docx Jul/24/18
Earlean N Johnson

Construction Labor Support, Records Management, Problem Solving

Microsoft Office document icon Customer Service coverletter-Earlean Johnson.doc, Microsoft Office document icon Earlean Johnson resume 7.2018.doc Jul/24/18
kemyata mccoy

Leadership, Accurate, Effective Communication Skills, Excellent Customer Service Skills, Detailed Oriented, Fast Learner

PDF icon Kemyata Mccoy form.pdf, File kemyata mccoy.docx Jul/19/18

Hardworking, Team player, Leadership skills, Effective Communicator, Organizational skills, Self-Confident

File Shante Whitfield Resume.docx, PDF icon Scan.pdf Jul/19/18
Yamarae Major

Experienced and reliable labor worker with over 7 years of experience with factory and warehouse work.
Machine operations
Chemical Mixing

File Yamarae O.docx Jul/19/18