CEA Hall of Fame

As the Construction Employers Association (CEA) celebrates 100 years of service to the construction industry, we have inducted eleven construction industry leaders into CEA’s inaugural class of its Hall of Fame. Over the past 100 years, CEA has strengthened and improved Ohio’s construction industry through education, training, safety and diversity services, as well as being the leading unified voice for the region’s construction industry.

CEA members have built Cleveland’s most iconic buildings and landmarks with the support of CEA,” said Tim Linville, CEA's chief executive officer. “With 100 years of experience and service dedicated to improving the construction industry, CEA has much to celebrate. Today, we honor CEA’s legacy and leadership and look forward to a thriving future.”

During the centennial gala on October 1, 2016, CEA honored eleven industry professionals. These professionals are the first class to be inducted into CEA’s Hall of Fame. They have devoted their time and talent to the industry, our community, and CEA over a significant portion of our first 100 years. Nine contractors were given the Guardian Award, in the tradition of the Guardians of Transportation – the iconic statues standing watch on Cleveland’s Lorain-Carnegie Bridge.

Two past CEA employees received CEA’s Distinguished Service Awards. Each of the eleven inductees has served the construction industry for a minimum of 20 years, has been an active at least 15 years on CEA committees, and has significantly contributed to the CEA. Each inductee has dedicated at least twenty years of service to our industry, has been active with CEA for at least 15 years, served at least 15 years on CEA committees, and been a significant contributor towards the stated goals and purposes of the Construction Employers Association.

The Hall of Fame and Guardian Awards were created to honor leaders who have improved our industry and nurtured CEA through its first century.  Our 2016 Hall of Fame and Guardian Award recipients have contributed significant to CEA through service, leadership and mentorship -- which makes each of them a true guardian of our industry.  Mr. James Mirgliotta, Forect City Erectors, said "It’s... one way to say thank you, if not to them, to their families.... I think that’s what it’s all about.