Tony Panzica has embodied the Guardian Award’s lofty ethic for decades.  

Throughout his career, Tony has taken on new challenges, positively impacting client relationships and business results, and creating strategies to drive change and position Panzica Construction for long-term success. As CEO, Tony has successfully managed his team on a path of growth and leadership of some of the region’s most transformative projects. From his humble beginnings as a laborer, Tony has worked his way up through the ranks to change the face of the company and become a larger general contractor. 

Tony is actively involved in CEA, serving as the current Legislative Committee Chair. Other committees include: AGC of Cleveland, Carpenter Contractors Association, Concrete Contractors Association, Contractors Assistance Association, CISP Scholarship Committee, Long Range Planning Committee, Labor Steering Committee, bargaining committees for negotiations with the Laborers, and as a trustee to the Ohio Carpenters Pension & Annuity Fund. He served as President of the Associated General Contractors of Ohio in 1991 and as CEA Board Chairman from 2010 to 2013, during which time he was instrumental in hiring Tim Linville as CEO and in CEA’s signing of a model Community Benefits Agreement with City of Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson. 

Panzica Construction Company follows the model of providing quality work and is an honest, ethical and positive force in the industry, thanks to the dedication of Tony Panzica. His efforts to drive diversity, equity and inclusion have provided countless opportunities for small and minority businesses to break into the construction industry. His passion and commitment to the industry and community reinforce why Tony Panzica is a recipient of the 2022 Guardian Award at the CEA Hall of Fame. 

“I work in this industry not for the accolades, but to provide a better environment and improve the trades industry that people would enjoy working in. The Hall of Fame award is given to those who have made significant contributions to the association and the industry, and I am honored and humbled to receive it this year,” says Panzica.