Diversity & Inclusion In Construction

Diversity Video

CEA is an active proponent of quality, fairness, values, ethics and diversity in construction. We are committed to fostering increased diversity in the Ohio construction industry through education, contracting, and employment.

In 2008, CEA supported the establishment of Contractors Assistance Association (CAA) to advance the inclusion of women and minorities in the Northeast Ohio Construction Industry. Our focus is on creating and sharing solution-oriented approaches.  

Diversity Programs

  • TrainingWe provide our small, minority- and female-owned contractor members with the business education and construction training necessary for success.
  • Mentoring. Our mentoring program encourages joint ventures whereby established contractors share business and industry knowledge and give assistance to small minority- and female-owned construction firms;
  • Contractors Assistance AssociationIn addition to spearheading training and mentoring programs and courses, CAA partners with organized labor to promote careers in construction trades and encourage application for joint apprenticeship programs among diverse populations.
  • Work Now: Construction Initiative. This program provides 4 - 6 weeks of hands-on training for women and minorities interested in construction careers, in addition to job placement and assistance for participants.
  • Construction Career Awareness Program and Opportunities in Construction. This collaborative effort with Contractors Assistance Association provides Cleveland Metropolitan School District middle school students and adults with insights into the wide range of careers in construction. The program emphasizes communications and teamwork as important workplace skills. The program has been supported by CEA members and various Building Trades through employees and Training Center staff who talk about project management, engineering, trade workers and helpers, career pathway information and sample materials.

​Other Diversity in Construction Initiatives

CEA serves on the City of Cleveland’s Construction Diversity & Inclusion (Mayor Jackson's Community Benefit Agreement MOU) Committee; Supplier Diversity Councils with several institutions; Fannie M. Lewis Residency Construction Advisory Committee (“Fannie Lewis Committee”). Through the Fannie Lewis Committee, and various Owner Diversity & Inclusion committees, CEA has been working to identify solutions to greater inclusion of minorities on Cleveland-area projects. 

We also support ongoing dialogue between well-established contractors and small minority- and female-owned construction firms through CEA’s board of directors and trade associations, networking opportunities and engagement with community activities and initiatives.