Organize and Prioritize to Increase Your Productivity

Time escapes minute by minute and hour by hour. Nothing you do will stop or rewind a clock or calendar. Everyone has the same amount of time: 24 hours, which is 1,440 minutes per day. There is no shortcut to managing yourself more effectively. The key is to invest your time in the most productive way, not only for the sake of your organization but also or your own peace of mind. In this workshop, you will discover where your time is spent. With a clear picture of where time gets lost, you can see where you can improve. You will review specific tools and approaches to help you stay on target, increase productivity, and get better results in work and in life. 

  • Follow an eight-step process to improve prioritizing your projects and tasks.
  • Use additional tips and digital tools that can help you achieve and sustain your time management goals.
  • Leverage best practices for organizing your work, your schedule, and your life.

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Construction Employers Association
BROOKLYN HTS, Ohio 44131
Event Fees
CEA or NAWIC Member: $20.00
Non-Member: $35.00
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