Substance Abuse Awareness: Supervisor Initial Training (virtual) Can Be Taken Between January 30 - April 7, 2023

Supervisor Initial (virtual) 

In the past, to take the Supervisor Initial class, one registered for a specific date.  This class is being held virtual and can be done when your schedule allows (even at ridiculous hours)  between when you register and April 7, 2023, as long as you have access to the code emailed to you.  Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to take the course prior to December 14th, upon registering with us.  No refunds will be offered if you fail to take the course between this time.  

The course fees  will  cover the two courses one must take as a "Supervisor", Supervisor Intial (2 hour) AND Employee Education (1 hour).  

The two courses do NOT have to be done at the same time, but must be completed by April 7th. 

You will receive quality training, online, and it does meet your requirements for the BWC Drug Free Workplace. whether in the:

Basic Program

Advanced Program

Comparable Program

The program host, automatically generates certificates upon completion to each employee or supervisor.  

Registration is MANDATORY. 

Any questions, contact Kent ([email protected])    216-398-9860

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Event Fees
Member: $66.00
CISP: $76.00
Non-Member: $86.00
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