Introduction to Project Management

Target Audience:

Professionals looking to enter the construction industry or change roles within the industry and advance to more project management and leadership positions. The course will familiarize participants in the principles, practices and concepts of Construction Management. Having a background and understanding of Construction Management benefits the participant, company and projects. 

At the Completion of this Course the Student Should be Able to:

1. Understand the Basic Definitions Associated with Construction Management.
2. Understand the Basic Concepts of Construction Management.
3. Experience the Practice and Implementation of Construction Management Concepts.
4. Understand Project Delivery Systems.
5. Study and Understand Construction Management Job Organizational Structures.
6. Begin to Communicate in the Vernacular Associated with Construction Management.
7. Confirm the Student’s Interest in Construction Management by Exposing the Students to all Aspects of the Industry, and what Subject Matter will be Utilized Throughout their Careers.


Instructor: Anthony Mirando

Construction Management Instructor at Kent State University

College of Applied Engineering & Technology


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