Construction Safety Council - April 9, 2024

Topic: Accident Investigation 

Joe Barney's upcoming presentation on accident investigation will likely cover the following key points:

1. **Purpose of Accident Investigation:** Highlighting the importance of investigating accidents to prevent future incidents and improve safety practices.

2. **Investigation Process:** Outlining the steps involved in conducting a thorough investigation, from securing the scene to analyzing root causes.

3. **Root Cause Analysis Techniques:** Discussing methods such as the "5 Whys" to identify the underlying causes of accidents, including human factors, equipment issues, and environmental conditions.

4. **Documentation and Reporting:** Emphasizing the need for detailed documentation of findings and recommendations for corrective actions.

5. **Preventive Measures:** Recommending strategies to prevent similar accidents in the future, such as improved training, enhanced safety protocols, and equipment upgrades.

6. **Q&A Session:** Allowing attendees to ask questions and engage in discussions to deepen their understanding of accident investigation principles and practices.

Overall, Joe Barney's presentation is likely to be informative and insightful, providing attendees with valuable insights into the importance and process of accident investigation in the construction industry.


Speaker:  Joe Barney, CSP - 

Joe Barney is a Senior Safety Manager with a 16-year track record in Environmental, Health, and Safety management. Known for his exceptional communication skills and leadership prowess, Joe leads by example, fostering the development of his team and cultivating a culture of safety excellence. 

His results-driven approach is underscored by his demonstrated ability to read, analyze, and interpret various publications, procedures, and regulations, applying them effectively to advance safety standards and practices. Joe excels in crafting detailed reports, business correspondence, and procedure manuals, showcasing his commitment to clear and concise communication.

Furthermore, Joe's focus on OSHA standards, including OAC, ORC, BWC, BUSTR, OEPA, and Life Safety, reflects his dedication to ensuring compliance and promoting safety within the state. Overall, Joe Barney's wealth of experience and expertise make him a valuable asset in the field of safety management.

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