Construction Safety Council - May 14, 2024

TopicOSHA's National Heat Emphasis 

SpeakersSteele Ebling, Baylee Scurlock, Nick Poghen, Jake Wright & Andrew Apathy


The Future Safety Execs will be discussing and reviewing OSHA's Heat directive, focusing on heat programming and awareness training for the upcoming construction season. The directive aims to ensure that employers have effective programs in place to protect workers from heat-related illnesses. Safety Execs will discuss the importance of monitoring weather conditions, providing training to workers, and establishing protocols for responding to signs of heat-related illnesses. They will also emphasize the need for well-documented programs that comply with OSHA  programming and guidelines. Proper implementation of these measures will help ensure the safety and well-being of construction workers during hot weather conditions.

Baylee Scurlock - Baylee Scurlock has been working as a field safety coordinator with Hammond Construction, Inc since June of 2023. She graduated from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania in 2020 with a bachelor's degree in safety management and has held positions in both General Industry and the Construction field.  She currently holds her GSP designation and is coming up on 4 years of working in a safety role in the field.

Nick Poghen -  Nick Poghen is an University of Akron alumni with a B.S. in Emergency Management. His eight years of service in the Army Infantry, including a combat deployment to Iraq, reflect his commitment to duty and leadership. Nick's background equips him with the skills to effectively manage emergencies and navigate complex situations with poise and professionalism.  Nick is a Safety and Healthcare Speciliast for the Ruhlin Company.

Jake Wright - Jake Wright is a safety coordinator with The Great Lakes Construction Company and Chair of the Future Safety Executives Committee. He graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management, with a concentration in safety management, in May of 2022. Jake started with Great Lakes in 2021 as a co-op in the safety department and began full time in June of 2022.

Steele Ebling - Steele Ebling is the Regional Safety Manager of Northeast Ohio for OCP, bringing over 20 years of invaluable experience in the construction industry. Known for his dedication to safety excellence, Steele is committed to ensuring a safe work environment for all. His expertise and leadership have made him a trusted figure in the field, driving safety standards and fostering a culture of safety awareness.

Andrew Apathy -  Andrew Apathy is the Director of Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) with DiGioia-Suburban Excavating, LLC. Andrew has nearly 16 years’ worth of EH&S experience. Andrew began his career in Safety in the General Industry sector in 2008 and transitioned into Construction Industry sector in 2018.

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