Load Securement Afternoon- May 24, 2024

Load Securement is a critical safety factor on the nation’s highways. Federal and State Regulations require commercial drivers to use a minimum number of tiedowns to secure their loads. Just one strap or chain could be the difference between safety and disaster.

Load Securement – DOT Compliance educates Corporate Drivers in the rules, regulations, and safety of preparing to load a truck, loading equipment, and securing equipment.

Half-Day Load Securement

  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Regulations
  • Ohio Revised Code
  • Driver Responsibilities / Liabilities
  • Load Securement Requirements according to section 393.100 of the FMCSR
  • Certificate of Completion
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Construction Employers Association
BROOKLYN HTS, Ohio 44131
Event Fees
CEA Member: $295.00
CISP Contributors: $325.00
Non Members: $500.00
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