Gundlach Sheet Metal Works, Inc.

Contact: Roger Gundlach
Phone: (419) 626-4525
Year Established: 1889
Founded in 1889, GUNDLACH SHEET METAL WORKS, INC. may be the oldest family-owned sheet metal construction company in Ohio. Since the first power machinery was installed in their shop in the 1920's, the Gundlachs have catered mainly to the industrial and commercial sheet metal markets. However, during the 1970's the Company expanded into the heating, cooling and refrigeration business. During this time period, a full-time mechanical engineer joined the staff. GUNDLACH is an experienced, full line Sheet Metal/HVAC/Refrigeration contractor offering quality workmanship, competitive pricing, and design/build services.
Area of Expertise: Residential Building Industrial
Member of: CEA or CISP
Unions: Sheet Metal #33
Partners: MBE FBE
Member Since: