Norm King Construction, Inc.

1122 FOREST EDGE PKWY, Brunswick, Ohio, 44212
Contact: David King
Phone: (330) 225-9912
Norm King Construction typically works with general contractors, construction managers and owners. They come to us because they are frustrated with other masonry work that is inconsistent and of poor quality. Many times our prospects are sick and tired of dealing with undermanned job sites causing overall delays in the project. They often discover, after it is too late, that the inexpensive estimate they received is an inaccurate masonry scope and not inclusive. Should you have any of these concerns, we can help. Feel free to call us. "Timeless Masonry Visions Brought to Life, Precise, Profound, Passionate!"
Area of Expertise: Building Industrial Institutional
Member of: CEA or CISP
Unions: Bricklayers #5 Bricklayers #16 Laborers #310 Laborers #758
Member Since: