Can You Serve a Notice of Furnishing Too Early? Maybe . . .

By Melissa A. Jones, Frantz Ward 

Construction project liens are critical. They can secure payment. They directly impact payment negotiations and bargaining positions. However, compliance with Ohio’s lien laws can be tricky. One mistake can be fatal.

Recent developments in Ohio’s notice of furnishing (“NOF”) requirements illustrate the complexities of lien law. If a NOF is required, the lien claimant must serve the NOF within 21 days of the claimant’s first date of project work or supply. In 2010, Ohio’s Twelfth Appellate District determined that a NOF served one day before the lien claimant’s first date of project work was invalid, which, in turn, invalidated the mechanic’s lien. See Halsey, Inc. v. Isbel, 2010-Ohio-2052 (12th Dist.). 

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