Deadly Dallas Construction Crane Collapse Highlights CRE Liability Issues

As reported by Kerri Panchuk, Bisnow Dallas-Fort Worth 

OSHA is now investigating the Dallas crane accident, and while it is too early in the process to know the cause, experts who observed video of the crane's descent believe a failure to weather vane the apparatus is a possible cause — and a preventable one.  “When an operator leaves his crane overnight, he does what’s called dressing the crane,” crane operator/consultant and OSHA licensed crane inspector Terri McGettigan said. “Dressing the crane means [pushing the crane] all of the way up into the air, the trolley all the way into the cab, and … a release of the swing break, which is in other words called weather vaning the crane. You release the swing break so the crane flows freely in the direction the wind is blowing.”

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