Gen Z's Advice for Recruiting Gen Z to Construction

By Zachary Phillips, Construction Dive

Generation Z’s perception of construction is evolving, but there’s still a lot more contractors could do to attract the next generation of workers, according to three Gen Zers interviewed on Associated General Contractors of America’s ConstructorCast.

Gen Z workers — generally defined as those currently under the age of 25 —want financial stability and to continually adapt to the ever-changing economic and technological landscape, so creating a path where they envision their future is key to getting them to join construction firms, they said.

Most of of the people in this demographic were born into a world with financial fluctuations and conflict, causing them to crave stability, Josh Miller, 18, former director of Gen Z studies for management consulting firm XYZ University and current student at Northwestern University, said during the podcast. Because of that need for stability, Gen Zers respect those who make smart personal financial decisions, such as going into the trades, Miller said.

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