Member Spotlight - Adrian Maldonado & Associates




Chelsea Maldonado

Job Title

Project Engineer

Company Name

Adrian Maldonado & Associates (AMA)

Company Overview

AMA provides construction management support and construction final cleaning. Additionally, we provide diversity and inclusion consulting for subcontractor engagement and workforce.

Favorite part(s) of your job and why

The favorite part of my job is the constant opportunity to work with different people, from many companies. It keeps the environment fresh and allows you to build a large network.

What has been the key to your company's success thus far?

I think the key to our company’s success has been our integrity. We stay true to our company’s mission, regardless of the client or project site. We will always work to give back to the community as we grow in success.

What important changes/initiatives are you working on now?

AMA works with the Spanish American Committee, with the support of Turner Construction Company on the Latino Construction Program. The LCP gives construction training to Spanish speaking individuals and subsequently assists them on joining the trades. The program has graduated over 100 individuals since 2019 and has placed over 70 individuals in the trades.

How has your company benefited from its CEA membership?

Our CEA membership allows us to stay informed of all construction opportunities going on around the city. We also benefit from the network of other CEA members.

How does your company find and retain talent?

Our staff is largely built from Adrian’s personal network, built over the years. Our staff learns from the leading construction management firms in Cleveland, which keeps our employees valuable. Our staff is lucky to work on the most notable projects in Cleveland, which gives them priceless experience opportunities. We also encourage our staff to further their education and training to stay current with the industry.

What would you say to someone at the beginning of their career in construction?

I would tell them to stay open to learning every skill they are offered. The more valuable you can make yourself, the more successful a career you’ll have in construction.

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