South Euclid City Council Wants to Make Sure Construction Site Workers Pay Their Fair Share

By Jeff Piorkowski, special to

South Euclid City Council members aren't sure if the city is receiving the proper amount of income taxes owed from large construction sites, such as Cedar Center North, largely built in 2012-13.

Are those who work on construction jobs in the city paying their fair share of taxes to South Euclid and the state? City Council’s Finance Committee isn’t quite sure and, to get a better handle on the situation, recently hosted two representatives of a trade union to discuss the matter.

Among the factors that had council asking such a question was a story dating to November 2013 in which it was stated that new construction that took place at Cedar Center North in 2012 -- an estimated $8 million to $10 million project -- yielded only $4,400 in income tax revenue."

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