Spooner's New P.E.O. Helps Contractors Lower Their EMR

Is your EMR causing you to lose bids? 

For decades, Ohio’s monopolistic workers’ comp system has strapped construction companies with penalty rates (EMR over 1.0) because of one or more claims.  An elevated EMR can require contractors to complete significantly more paperwork to pre-qualify and can, ultimately, disqualify contractors from bidding on certain jobs. 

If this is happening to your company, CEA suggests having a conversation with Spooner's new Self-Insured PEO called Surety HR.  Surety HR has the ability to underwrite your workers’ comp without the Ohio BWC constraints, which means one bad claim doesn't hurt your ability to bid work because of EMR. 

If you interested getting an evaluation from Surety HR, click below to request a quote: 



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