State Announces $100 Million in Funds to Help Fix Dangerous Rail Crossings



Gov. Mike DeWine announced $100 million for funding aimed at helping municipalities eliminate dangerous rail crossings across the state. These funds will also help communities obtain matching federal funds to complete the projects. 

Funding for the Ohio Rail Crossing Elimination program was passed earlier this summer as part of the 2024-25 biennial budget to address the state’s approximately 5,700 “railroad grade crossings” where roadways intersect with railroad tracks.

In a statement, DeWine said, “To compete for federal grants, communities need the resources to develop the projects, prepare federal applications, and commit matching funds to make Ohio’s grant applications competitive."

Railroad grade crossings in Ohio have been cited as long-standing safety hazards and, at times, barriers to traffic, including emergency vehicles. Since late 2019, the Federal Railroad Administration has reported that more than 10,500 blocked crossings complaints have been filed statewide.  

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