Women in Construction: WIC Week Roundtable


A CEA/CAA/Bluestone Communications, Inc. WIC Week Roundtable & Wine Tasting was held earlier this month to gather women in the construction industry and have productive and empowering discussions. Together, we recognized the contributions of women and men who daily stand for equitability and opportunity.  Congratulations to those who trailblaze careers in non-traditional spaces and bring their unique perspective to the construction industry.  Moving forward, continue to provide an inclusive environment which supports the education, opportunity, and mentorship of all diverse industry partners. Some highlights from our general sessions:


Overcoming Performance Bias:

  • Be clear, communicative, concise.
  • Call behavior out / call people in.
  • Host learning lessons.
  • Be firm.  Be heard.
  • Support other women and minorities.

Empowering Through Networking and Mentorship:

  • NAWIC / NAMC / Junior League of Cleveland / Rosies Girls
  • CEA / CAA
  • Presidents Council / NAWBO / WIMI / SPANAM / NCNW
  • Take time as a mentor to develop your mentee.
  • Mentor vs champion – have both!
  • Utilize multiple mentors.
  • Reach back from a position of power.

Promoting Trades to the Next Generation of Women:

  • See it / Be it – be present in middle/high school visits.
  • Always present yourself positively & communicate high standards. 
  • Promote classes, JATC, Apprenticeships.
  • Create equitable space.
  • Share YOUR story, the good and the challenges.