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Frantz Ward Announces Election of Two New Partners

Jan 4, 2018

From the news blog on the Frantz Ward website.

Frantz Ward is pleased to announce that attorneys Michael J. Frantz, Jr. and Melissa A. Jones have been elected to the partnership effective January 1, 2018."

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Ohio EPA Awarded $936 Million in Loans to Improve Water Quality

Jan 2, 2018

Reported by Jackie Borchardt,

The loans are offered at below-market or zero interest rates; some don't need to be repaid at all."

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Kentucky Supreme Court Enforces Pay-if-Paid Provision

Dec 21, 2017

Construction Update Bullletin from Thompson Hines website.

A decision of significant import to contractors and subcontractors who perform work in Kentucky, the Kentucky Supreme Court recognized the validity of and enforced a pay-if-paid provision in a contract between a construction manager and a subcontractor."

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