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Using BIM to 'Build it Right' and Blow Past KPIs

Nov 26, 2018

By Kathleen Brown, Construction Dive

Building information modeling allows construction professionals to establish a single source of truth on their projects and to collaborate with trades and stakeholders more efficiently than they could before. But adding this tool to the arsenal takes a calculated approach to securing management buy-in, training talent and offsetting investments.  

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Tips to Prevent and Detect Bid Rigging

Nov 16, 2018

By Tiffany Couch, Construction Executive

It’s common practice for most public and some private companies to issue bids with the intent that local subcontractors and vendors will assemble their most competitive proposal to compete for a specific piece of a project. In theory, competitive bidding promotes a fair, equitable and transparent environment that awards the project to the most innovative and cost-efficient bidder. 

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Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross says the Economy's Success Depends on Infrastructure

Nov 16, 2018

By Kevin Breuninger, CNBC.

Corporate earnings certainly have been very, very strong. there's no question about that. And it's also no question that market's job is to look ahead," Ross says. "I think a lot will have to do with whether infrastructure gets the kind of treatment that it really deserves."

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