CEA/SGS Silica Program Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I rent the equipment?

Answer:  The company renting the equipment will have 10 working days to sample and return the equipment. If an extension is needed, the renter is required to contact SGS to make the request. Click here to rent equipment.

How do I finalize my order on the CEA website?

Answer: Once a user places an order, he/she will have the ability to verify the order. Once the order is verified, the end user must click the "make contribution" button to place the order. The "make contribution" buttons are located at the top and bottom of the verification page:

Make Constribution

Why do I have to order a blank PPI?

Answer:  Field blanks demonstrate that no contamination of your samples occurred during shipping (the silica collected was in the field and not because of something that happened in route). Don't forget to send the blank PPI back with kit.

When I receive the equipment which paperwork am I required to complete and return with the equipment?  

Answer:  When you receive your rental equipment you also will receive the following documents:

**You will also receive printed instructions on how to take the sample, pump calibration records, and a certificate of calibration for the rotometer. These are for your records.

Do I check the air flow of the pump prior to and following sampling?

Answer:  Yes, check the air flow of the pump prior to sampling and following the sampling. Prior to sampling, adjust the air flow to 2 l/m if using a PPI. Do not adjust pump air flow following the sampling; just document the flow.

What's the minimum amount of time I should sample an activity?

Answer: SGS recommends at least 3.5 hours of sampling.

When is the searchable database available?

Answer: The searchable database will be available the end of January of 2018. Remember, participating companies will have to submit data in order to gain access to the database.

How can I participate?

Answer: An employer has two options to participate in the program: option one is to purchase a $500.00 annual subscription fee, and option two is to become an authorized user through a practicing association.